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QLab Scripts

Scripts for QLab 4

If you ever feel like you're doing something tedious and repetitive, chances are a script can make your life a lot easier.

Drafting: Project

Feel Free to Share

Feel free to use and share any of these scripts.

QLab Scripts

ProTools Markers Import

Export markers from ProTools to a text file, then import to QLab.

This script will have you select a text file, and ask you if you want to import the markers as new Start Cues, or add slices in an audio or video cue. (To import as slices, an audio or video cue must be selected before running the script.)

Renumber Selected Cues... with a Prefix!

Easily fit the cue numbering to your own style of organization.

Auto-Matrix Audio by file name

Automatically route all your audio stems based off of keywords in filenames. (A particularly tedious task)

Batch Cues from Google Sheet CSV Export

Work in progress

Update Targets by Versions/Watch Folder

If you're tired of manually replacing audio/video cues with newer versions from content creators.

Fire manually, or make a 'watch folder' that takes care of it all whenever a new file is added.

Works for both version syntax (_v2.4a) or date syntax (YYYYMMDDHHMM)

Create Cues (Looping)

For when someone is shouting numbers at you.

ETC Eos CSV Import

Export CSV cue sheet from ETC Eos family console, and import to QLab.

This script will have you select a CSV file. No need for a separate spreadsheet editing application.

Check out more of my projects in audio, lighting, and video, or feel free to contact me.

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